Safety First

October – Machine Safety


Potential hazards that can occur on the job include:

Getting your hands or an article of clothing caught in the machine while attempting to clear faults and jams.
Operating a machine without giving your coworkers enough warning.
Sticking your hand or body parts near nip and pinch points.
Unexpected energization of machines.
Getting struck by debris or getting caught in unguarded moving parts.


Identify Potential Hazards

Practice proper guarding of moving parts
De-energize machine before clearing jams
Report defective or broken equipment
Enforce E-Stops (Stopping Procedures)
Familiarize yourself with the machinery


Workers that come into contact or are in close proximity to machines and moving parts must be aware of potential hazards to avoid serious injury. By taking some very simple precautions, you may save a life or a limb. Remember….if it has an on & off switch, it has potential dangers!

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