Curious about the quality of our talent pool? You may request a sampling of our most qualified candidates by CLICKING HERE. Please provide us with the following information:

  • Location of the job site
  • Detailed description of the job position
  • Detailed description of the type of person you are seeking
  • Required skill level, experience, education, etc.

An ACCU representative will select some resumes of candidates they feel best meet your description and send an email reply.

Please take the following steps when an accident occurs at your work location involving one of our employees assigned to your Company. For a printable copy of the Incident Report Forms, please refer to the Incident Report Forms section above.

Step 1: Notify ACCU

Immediately notify your Job Center during normal business hours or the Risk Manager/ Workers Compensation Specialist after hours at (609)200-6737 or 609-335-3522 and please have the following information available:

  • ACCU employee’s name
  • Date and time of accident
  • Injury description
  • Brief description of how the accident and/or injury occurred
  • List all witnesses to the incident to include post-incident response
  • Please indicate if other employees were involved or if vehicles, machines, or property were also involved or damaged.

Step 2: Emergency Response

If the injury is acute, requiring immediate medical care, please call 911 for ambulance/EMS response. Direct medical transport to the closest emergency room. Please notify ACCU Staffing Services immediately. Strains and sprains, minor lacerations, and bruises are not considered life-threatening, acute injuries and do not warrant an EMS response or emergency room treatment.

Step 3: Non-Emergency Response

For less than emergency care, please contact the Job Center before sending the injured employee out for care. The Branch staff will direct the employee to the closest occupational health clinic within our WC insurance carrier’s network. Our approved medical provider list can be found below.

Step 4: Complete Incident Report

As soon as possible after the accident, the ACCU Staffing Services Risk Manager must become involved in the Incident Investigation in cooperation with the Client’s management team. Immediate notes taken by floor supervisors, department managers, etc. may be jotted on the ACCU Incident Report Form (found above) unless the Client completes their own Incident Report form. In that case we would respectfully request a copy of the Client’s Incident Report.

Step 5: Risk Manager’s Assessment

The ACCU Risk Manager must visit the incident scene for a more comprehensive understanding of the incident’s chain of events, scene layout, identify safety violations, and help determine possible ways to prevent any further, similar incidents.

Step 6: Witness Interview

The Risk Manager would also need to interview ACCU employees who may have witnessed the event. We may also need to interview the Client’s supervisors and managers who may have important incident information.

We certainly appreciate your anticipated cooperation. Please call if we can provide any assistance at any time toward this injury prevention, incident/ injury investigation and reporting effort.

The following list items are all approved occupational health clinics within ACCU’s Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier’s network. Please direct your employees to one of these facilities if they sustain an injury that does not warrant an EMS response or emergency room treatment.

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