Keep Employees Engaged

Employee engagement is key when running a successful business. It maximizes productivity, increases retention, and shows job seekers your company is a great place to work. Engaged employees are invested in the company and feel their efforts make a difference. To boost employee engagement across your company, implement some of the following strategies:

Communicate Your Company Purpose
Whether it’s a mission statement, company core values or a leader’s vision – make it short and sweet. Avoid long, drawn-out explanations that can be confusing to employees. Dissect why your company exists and use powerful, thought-provoking words. For instance, Ford’s mission statement is straight and to the point: “To help build a better world, where every person is free to move and pursue their dreams”.

Show Your Employees They Are Valued
While providing competitive pay to your staff is essential, employees feel appreciated when their employers do more. Offering flexibility shows your employees that you acknowledge they have priorities outside of work. Some examples include virtual work options, shortened work weeks, or flexible work schedules. Recognition is important, as well. Simple yet effective gestures include a public thank you, a handwritten note, or spotlighting an employee in an internal newsletter.

Cross-departmental Collaboration
Collaboration across all departments helps employees feel comfortable with fellow coworkers, leading to more shared ideas as well as process improvements. Not only does it keep all employees on the same page, but it also encourages consistent open communication. Setting formal and informal meetings, events, or team-building activities are ways to generate collaboration.

Business owners set the tone for the culture of the organization. By prioritizing positive team-like work environments, you will develop happy employees and create an exceptional customer experience.

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