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Pennsauken Job Center
6000 Route 38 East
Pennsauken, NJ 08109

Hours: 8:00am – 6:00pm
Phone: (856) 662-2727
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Areas of Specialty

Temporary Staffing
Our database of over 30,000 applicants can accommodate a wide range of specialties for many different skill levels, over any length of time. ACCU assumes human resource duties with our very own in-house payroll and accounting department as well as our comprehensive skills evaluations, background checks and employee verification program.

Planned Staffing
The Planned Staffing program as an economic buffer against today’s constantly changing business environment. We assume responsibility for staffing specific jobs for your company on a full-time basis. Our long-term planned staffers remain on our payroll. We then supply you with the flexible staff that works only during your busy periods. You pay for staffing only when you need it.

Project Staffing
Whether your project requires 10 people or 300, ACCU will get the job done for you on-time and under budget! Our staffing consultants will design a program that will meet your individual needs and includes 24-hour availability, a project supervisor, on-site check in, a paycheck delivery to your location, scheduled back-up staff and customized orientation in video or brochure format.

ACCU Select, our temp-to-hire division, gives you an opportunity to assess our associates’ performance for a period of 560 hours (14 consecutive 40 hour weeks) before transferring them to your payroll. At the end of the 560 hours, you can transfer them to your payroll without paying a fee. If for any reason the person does not meet your expectations, there is no obligation to hire them. ACCU Select provides you with a cost-effective, efficient approach to hiring.

Direct Placement
ACCU Personnel, our direct placement division, is designed with one goal in mind – to provide full-time candidates who exceed YOUR expectations. We work closely with you to understand your company’s unique culture while streamlining the hiring process to relieve you of its many burdens. ACCU Personnel assumes responsibility and absorbs all costs associated with the advertisement, recruitment and referral of prescreened candidates ultimately saving you time and money.

Job Center Team

Jasmin Rivera
Director of Operations
(856) 662-2727

Kathy Tracy
Recruiting Specialist
(856) 662-2727

Agueda Reyes
Recruiting Specialist
(856) 662-2727

Jalissa Febo
Payroll Specialist
(856) 662-2727

Belgica Cepeda
Administrative Assistant
(856) 662-2727

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