Safety First

February – Slips and Falls

Proper Lifting

Preventing and Reducing Risks

  • Where possible, avoid walking on wet/slippery surfaces; wipe off the bottom of wet footwear.
  • Use flashlights or helmet lights to stay clear of holes or floor openings, wet or slippery surfaces, and debris or equipment.
  • Do not step on any surface until you have visually inspected it to ensure there are no holes or weak spots and that it can support workers and their equipment.
  • Never carry equipment or loads in your hands when climbing ladders.
  • Wear backpacks and tool belts to hold equipment and keep both hands free.
  • Use fall protection when engaging in activities near unprotected edges of elevated surfaces.
  • Use communication devices, particularly hands-free devices, for contacting employers/incident commanders and other workers about slip, trip and fall hazards.


As reported by National Safety Council, “fall from the same level” and “fall to lower level” were the second and third highest injury causes of disabling workplace injuries. They cause 15% of all accidental deaths, and are second only to motor vehicles as a cause of fatalities.

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