Developing Your Team

Building a strong team is the backbone of any successful company. A high performing team that works efficiently and effectively is an incredible asset to any organization. Developing a strong team of professionals may be a difficult task but you can mold your team to be agile, engaged, and innovative by focusing on the following areas:


Conflict Resolution
Business operations and workplace conflicts can severely affect business productivity; therefore, it is paramount for leaders to have a plan on how to navigate negative situations that arise in the workplace. Start by identifying the problem, then sit down with each team member and retrieve all the facts. Listen to their perspective; then ask what each party sees as an appropriate resolution. Bring both sides together to negotiate a reasonable solution. Remember, just because a solution has been identified and addressed doesn’t mean it will disappear – it is the manager’s responsibility to continue to check in with both parties to ensure the conflict has been truly dealt with.


Managing Projects Efficiently
Effective project management is essential to helping businesses thrive. A clearly defined project goal must be agreed upon first. Once this has been decided, organization is key. Ask what needs to be done and which resources will be used; then prioritize your tasks from most important to least important. Execute the plan but keep in mind some projects may involve compromise and revisions. Allowing some flexibility will let employees display their creativity while also showing them you trust in their abilities.


Professional Development Mentors Are Key
Having dependable mentors for younger employees can be a powerful tool for their professional growth. By providing encouragement and career guidance, these mentors will become an invaluable asset to your organization. Mentors can offer honest feedback on work performance and provide constructive criticism to help show areas for improvement. Not only will the employee receive helpful guidance and grow professionally but the mentor will gain critical skills by learning how to be supportive, give sound advice, and bring out the best in others.


Leaders are only as successful as their teams. Taking your time to develop a solid group of professionals that work well together, solve problems quickly, and mentor each other will make you an inspiring leader with an effectively operating company that stands out among the rest.

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